We help you explore your market potential and grow your business in the USA.

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Want to make a splash in the US market? Awesome! We are a New York City based team of Belgian and American marketers - surrounded by experts in branding, logistics, tax, accountancy and legal affairs - helping you explore your market potential and grow your business in the United States.

I want to go to the US

Discover our 4-month Market Testing program for the US market. Let's test-drive your business, on American soil.

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I am already active in the US

Are you already active in the United States, but need advice and support with your local marketing efforts?

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I want to learn about doing business in the US

Ready to conquer the US market? Participate in our inspirational and interactive workshops in New York, The City That Never Sleeps.

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Dream big, but start small.

Realize your American dream. Without breaking the bank.

Expand your business to the US. Dream big, the sky is the limit. But start small. Dip your toe in the water first.

Start by exploring the opportunities, the threats and the local competition. Collect valuable product feedback and market insights before you decide to invest time and money in establishing your business across the pond.

  • Build brand awareness for your business
  • Collect valuable product feedback
  • Perform market research and collect consumer insights
  • Generate your first leads in the US market
  • Explore opportunities before expanding your business to the US

Start exploring your opportunities for US expansion today!


New York City

Why New York City Is a Great Place to Be an Entrepreneur

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” So sang Frank Sinatra in his iconic song “New York, New York.” It’s a line that has repeatedly been quoted, by everyone from young professionals to aspiring entertainers. For New Yorkers, the meaning is universal, capturing both the intense competition and limitless opportunity to be…

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usa food trends 2018

Food trends in the USA: hold the sugar, keep the additives, and no chemicals!

Food trends have evolved rapidly over the past decade in the USA. The biggest movement to talk about today is the push for healthy options. Fatty, salty, and sugary foods have been a source of huge profit for decades, but the tables are turning and those businesses will likely be left in the dust very…

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