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service: market research

U.S. Market & Consumer Research and Analysis

In the context of internationalization, Fibre Mood -- an interactive and fast-growing community of people who share your passion for sewing and knitting -- asked us to analyse their potential on the US market.

"Could our product work in the States? Who' s our target audience? Is it much different from the one in Europe, or rather similar? What are the conditions to start in the States?..."

We performed extensive research and detailed analysis about the sewing, knitting and crocheting industry in the USA.

This includes:

  • market analysis,
  • consumer analysis,
  • competitor analysis,
  • consumer and market trends,
  • as well as cross-Atlantic differences in consumer fashion.

"It was nice working with Fifteen24. They didn’t know a lot about the craft industry before, but that didn’t bother them to get very fast a good view on it. They put a lot of effort into their research and didn’t give up until they had a good result.’Nice working with them!"

-- Isabelle Finet, Founder Fibre Mood --

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service: marketing services

(digital) marketing support

Ernest NY, a Belgian collective based in New York City, imports furnishings, lighting and architectural products from across Europe.

We advise and support the Ernest NY team with their digital marketing activities on the US market.

"They're the pro's, I’m really confident they are the right team to help us with putting our brand and products forward."

-- Thierry Herbert, Founder Ernest NY --


service: marketing services

(digital) marketing support

MSQUASH Accelerator is a High-Performance Squash Academy based in New York.

We advise and support the MSQUASH team with their digital strategy and marketing activities.

"They're everything you expect from digital experts: experienced, creative, versatile, very responsive and you can tell they really care."

-- Katline Cauwels, Director MSquash --


service: market research

High Level Market Analysis

Charles Sportswear, a Belgian online apparel store, asked us to do a high-level analysis of the local NY market.

We provided them with a clear and detailed answer to the following questions: Is there a market for our service? Who are the competitors? What are the market trends?


service: marketing services

(digital) marketing support

NortonLed provides high quality LED lighting for educational facilities, non-glare sports lighting, and location-specific lighting. They have offices in New York and Barcelona.

We advise and support them with their digital strategy and marketing activities for NortonLed and ProsportLed.