Why New York City Is a Great Place to Be an Entrepreneur

By Mathieu Lanssens | 5 December 2017
New York City

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” So sang Frank Sinatra in his iconic song “New York, New York.” It’s a line that has repeatedly been quoted, by everyone from young professionals to aspiring entertainers. For New Yorkers, the meaning is universal, capturing both the intense competition and limitless opportunity to be found in America’s most prominent metropolis.

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Food trends in the USA: hold the sugar, keep the additives, and no chemicals!

By Florence Brusselmans | 29 November 2017
usa food trends 2018

Food trends have evolved rapidly over the past decade in the USA. The biggest movement to talk about today is the push for healthy options. Fatty, salty, and sugary foods have been a source of huge profit for decades, but the tables are turning and those businesses will likely be left in the dust very soon.

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