Our services

So you’re thinking about moving or expanding your business to the US? Great. We can help. At your service:  an experienced team of marketers to help you explore the opportunities and challenges of entering the US market. Build a strong and trustworthy local brand, generate your first leads on our side of the pond and decide whether growing your brand on US soil is worth your while.

Market Testing

Discover our 4-month Market Testing program for the US market. Let's test-drive your business, on American soil.


Take part in our inspiring workshops in The City That Never Sleeps for entrepreneurs who want to make it in America.

Why Choose Us?

  • Blended team of Belgian and American marketeers
  • +12 years experience in marketing
  • Low-cost and low-risk digital marketing techniques
  • Local representation for your brand
  • The opportunity to build a low-cost business case
    and discover if your brand or service is ready for the US market

What they say about us

"Mathieu has worked for Visit Flanders for more than one year and he really helped our organization grow digitally. With his knowledge of all digital aspects, he managed to launch more than 10 websites on different markets abroad. You can ask him for advice, but also for implementation. You can ask him to give a high level presentation on a boardroom meeting and at the same time for a hands-on training to content publisers. He is what every organization is expecting from a consultant, to be able to solve everything. He’s really an organisational talent."

— Elke Dens,
     Marketing Director, Visit Flanders