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You've conquered the US market and you're now thinking about your company's future. This means increasing revenues and profits to create growth. One way of doing this, is geographical expansion. For many North American companies, this means turning their eyes towards the European market. A very exciting step but also very challenging and requires much preparation and research.

However, this does not mean spending a fortune on a fancy corner office and a large sales team to start your first market activities. Partner up with our team of experienced local business developments experts, who can help you study your market potential, develop a local sales and marketing plan, and help you navigate the cultural and regulatory complexities of the European market.

Your local business development partner for the European market

Why us?

  • We are part of Cronos Groep, Belgium's largest information technology company.
  • Together with our 6000 colleagues across Europe, we have the market experience, the local consumer knowledge, and a huge network to help you conquer the European market.
  • As your local partner, we can help you develop a sales and marketing strategy and startup operations overseas quickly.

Start your European expansion in Belgium

  • Belgium is strategically located between France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and is an ideal test market for innovations and new products.
  • 80% of Europe’s purchasing power lies within a radius of 500 miles (800 km from Brussels)
  • With high standards in education and training, Belgium is known for its highly-skilled workforce, high productivity level and quality assurance.
  • You can set up a business in under 4 days.

" Approach your international opportunity by partnering up with a trusted local advisor with hands-on experience in the region. "

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Don't let your domestic success lead you to assume success in Europe is guaranteed. Because it is not. You need to study the market, research your potential and understand the cultural complexities of the European market.

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