Explore your market potential on the American market

Market research & testing

You’re determined to conquer the American market with your product or service. Great!

  • But do you have enough knowledge of the market, the language, the local consumer, the buying behavior, the cultural differences and a whole host of other factors?
  • Do you have (the right) connections? Are in contact with local experts, potential partners and suppliers... ?

Enter, Market testing.

We research and explore the potential of your product or service in the United States and bring you in contact with local experts, potential partners, suppliers, prospects... specifically for your business.

Thanks to this research and analysis you will uncover:

  • Is there any demand for my product or service in the US?
  • Who are my (potential) customers?
  • Information on competitors (directly and indirectly)
  • What local consumers think of your product or service, as well as your competitors’?
  • How much a customer is willing to pay for your product or service
  • How to position your product or service and how to best use your unique selling propositions (?)
  • Which advertising and promotion techniques are most efficient?
  • Which national, regional or local regulations are applicable to your product or service?
  • Which trade shows should you attend?

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